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My Red Velvet Breakfast

Don't tell my trainer that for breakfast - I had Red Velvet cake.   I picked it up from Mercato Centrale.  How many calories does one of this contain?  I don't know but if my trainer knew - this is going to be equivalent to a 100 jumping jacks.   If he does find out - I will just tell him that to make sure that I had a healthy breakfast - I paired the red velvet cake with Green Tea.

Red Velvet Cake and Green Tea


  1. Havne't tried any red velvet cake, what can you recommend?

  2. Hello Pink Cookies: Actually - this one from Mercato is the best that I've tried so far in Manila. If you like Chocolate Cake - but want your cake red instead of brown - then this is the cake for you. :D.

  3. hi :) would you happen to know who sells that delicious red velvet cake? any contact info? i really want to order a big one for my mom's birthday :)

  4. Hello Anonymous. I hope it's not too late. I was able to go to Mercato and ask for their contact number. They actually don't have a name apart from Homemade Token Cakes. According to their flyer, you can contact Jing Regalado:

    Landline: 637-8959; Globe Line 586-0310, Sun Cel 09237031730, Globe 09178729301

    I also found another vendor in Mercato which has the Red Velvet cake: Medchef. Here are their phone numbers:

    Text: 09178338628 or 09154871332, Call 585-6052 or 732-3355 (look for Jayson, Jeny or Hasset)

    Store Address: #139 Mo. Ignacia Ave., Diliman QC (Across ABS-CBN)