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No Plastic in Pasig

SM Hypermart at South Super Highway still lacks the Royal Breed Dog Food.  We thought it might be good to go to their outlet at C5.  We were ecstatic to find stocks there.  I'm sure Char Siew and Midori are happy that they will now be served the fine cuisine of odd animal parts ( beaks, feet, and other tasty parts ).

Upon checkout we found a sign indicating that the city of Pasig has a ban on Styrofoam and Plastic.  This means that they will pack your groceries in paper bags of cardboard boxes.  If you want to use bags - you are of course welcome to bring enviro-sacks.  I hope that all cities and towns in the Philippines start passing the same ordinance.

I am now wondering if the styrofoam ban is also implemented in Fast Foods like Jollibee and McDonald's.

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