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When in Singapore - I love going to the traditional Kopi Tiam ( or their Coffee Houses ).   I either get Kopi Susu (Milk Coffee) or Teh Tarik (Pulled Tea).   I also enjoy the Singaporean or Malay version of the Filipino Coco Jam.  They call their Coco Jam - Kaya.  Oh - for the Filipino readers of this blog - you will notice that the Malay word for Milk is Susu.  

Manila has seen many franchise of Singaporean brands serving Kopi Tiam food.  One of those which opened recently is Toastbox.   When it opened - the queue was always long which is why I've never been able to try it till this weekend.   I enjoyed this first experience.  What I enjoyed most though is the Milo Dinosaur.  I've heard of this before but I've never really tried it when I visit Singapore.  It's essentially Milo drink with Milo powder on top of the drink.  I confess - even though I'm close to being 40 - I'm still like a child and I like eating Milo powder.  So this drink is perfect for me.

Here are the other dishes that we ordered.

Kaya Toast and Milo Dinosaur.
Prawn Mee
Pork Floss Toast