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Baby Char SIew

Daddy was browsing through Facebook and looked at the album of the family who raised my biological mom.  My mom's name is Pepper.  She is a black Shar Pei.  My Father's name is Dominos - a beige colored Shar Pei. I want to share their pictures with you.

Pepper - my mom.

Dominos - my dad.

My two sisters and me. I'm the red shar pei - extreme left.
I also want to share my 3 day old picture.  Look at me - am I not adorable?

3 Day Old Char Siew

Blogger's Note: A guest post from Char Siew the Shar Pei.


  1. Awe! I can see why your daddy fell in love with you right away! I just want to give you hugs and kisses! You are so lucky to have such cute puppy pics available!
    That's one thing missing for people who adopt adult rescues like me.

  2. Ohmygod, I just melted. So cute. :-)

    Fickle Cattle

  3. @Laney - Hello my dear friend Laney. I'm happy you liked my picture. When daddy found them - all of us at the house got so excited. Daddy kept in touch with my mom's family - which I am grateful for. One day - we'll see if I can visit her.

    BTW -- Big Sis Midori didn't have baby pictures. She and Daddy met in a pet shop.

    Daddy says that he is convinced that the next dog that will join his household will be adopted.

  4. @Fickle Cattle: I like your name. It's yummy! Don't tell daddy I said that - he says that it's not polite to think of friends as food. I say - I can't help it. I'm a canine - all canines are carnivores - and we all love steak.

    Hope you visit again.

    Sniff you later.