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Bacon Mushroom Melt from Wendy's

This is the Baconator from Wendy's.  It's 1/4 pound beef patty, topped with bacon strips, and cheese in a bun.  That actually sounds like a heart attack delivered in between two buns.  It is delicious - but I thought it is insanely expensive.  When the cashier told me how much my bill was - I asked which of my orders were that expensive.  Apparently - this combo-meal costs 284 pesos.  So I guess if you don't get a heart attack from the food itself - you can get it from the shock of how much this fast food item is.


  1. Hello @pinkc00kies. Thanks for visiting. I love Wendy's. I actually prefer it over the other fast food chains. But I do think their Baconator is too expensive.

  2. Funny! Wendy's is one of the cheaper fast food places here. I just had it yesterday too! My new favorite is the Asiago Chicken Sandwich. Is that on the menu out there?
    One thing I love about Wendy's now is that you can substitute fries in the value meal for healthier options such as side salads or apple slices.

  3. @Laney's Mom: The Asiago Chicken Sandwich sounds good. I don't think we have that in Manila. But they do offer the healthier options. Which is why they are priced higher than the other fast food chains.