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Breaking Away from Routine

I love having my daily routine.  I like having my walks in the morning, breakfast after that, sleep all day, walk in the evening, have dinner, then sleep again.  I like it when I can anticipate every turn in the route of my daily walks.  Three times around the Salcedo Park before heading back.  I can pinpoint the five spots in the neighbor heed where I can take care of business number 1 and business number 2.

I love being able to experience what I expect but I realized that when Daddy breaks my routine - I experience a feeling of fulfillment like no other.  The past week - Daddy has been doing variations in our daily morning walk's route.  I am now able to see Ayala Avenue one day - the next day I see Makati Ave - on other times it's Dela Costa.   When I check out pee-mail ,  I sometimes get pomeranian pee-mail and sometimes it's the chow-chow's pee-mail.  Definitely a large variety of pee-mails from my doggie friendds. The experience just opens up my mind.   That's the good part.

Of course there's a flip side to all this excitement - I get really exhausted after all of these walks.  When we get back to the House - Char Siew and I get our sip of water - then sleep - for a very very long time.

I hear daddy say - this excitement and exhaustion is all intentional.  He says physical exertion is good - but mental stimulation is also good for us.   I don't know what that means - I'm too tired to think.

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