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Char Siew Pork from Hong Kong Roast

We were craving for authentic Cantonese cuisine - so we googled and found entries for Hong Kong Roast located on Bagtikan st.  It's supposed to be an authentic HK cafe.  This is what I think - the restaurant definitely looks like the HK cafes that can be found around the Wan Chai district.  However - the food - is not that authentic-tasting.  I'm not saying they taste bad - it's just different from the dishes you will have in Hong Kong.

This is the Char Siew Pork Roast.  We should have requested for the gravy to be served on the side.

When you park your car next to the cafe - you will be welcomed by these steamed dumplings.

The overall decor does remind me of some cafes around Hong Kong.  Of course - it's not as cramped as its counterparts in Hong Kong

A fun print that covers the loo.

Pictures of various districts in HK.

Siu Mai

In HK - you don't need Soy Sauce for Siu Mai.

Salted Baked Chicken in Sesame Seed Oil.  Remember the Maggi Noodles with Sesame Seed Oil?  This dish tastes like that.

Steamed Vegetables

Oh - this is really good.  It's French toast with Black Sesame Seed Paste

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