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Corn-y Meal at Isshin

I must have been livestock in my past life.  Why do I say that?  I love corn.  I was either a corn fed beef, pig or chicken.  Moreover - I must have been the source of high grade meat that the Emperor/Royalty who ate me for his meal declared - this cow, pig, or chicken deserves to be human in its next life.

Anyways - back to my love for corn.  One of the queens brought me to Isshin last weekend.  She loved the place and said that it can satisfy our craving for Japanese food.

I ordered two corn dishes: the Corn Coolie and the Corn, Butter, Beef, and vegetable Ramen.  I love both dishes.

Corn Coolie

Corn, Butter, Beef and Vegetable Ramen
Isshin is located on Arnaiz st. in front of Park Square. They are open till 3:00 AM.

Mixed Sashimi

That's Shrimp Tempura Roll

Salmon Head

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