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Did Somebody say Cheese?

The House of Queens went to the Picture Co. last Sunday for our fun portraits.  The photo session was free care of Bow & Wow, our favorite store for Organic Pet food and supplies.

Char Siew and I are used to having our pictures taken.  As I have written in the past, Daddy can be a bit of a pesky paparazzi.  This is the first time that our pictures are taken in a studio.  There were a lot of other dogs having their picture taken so my nose could smell wonderful dog smells and I could not stay put for most pictures.   I guess you can say that I was acting like a diva during the photo-shoot.  Good thing - our photographer was able to still capture cute photos.   That will not surprise most people because Char Siew and I are just beautiful dogs.


  1. Wow... those are some beautiful portraits, you guys are natural models :)

    Licks, hero

  2. Great pics! Yes, you guys are very photogenic!