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Hao Hongkong Diner

We discovered a new Hong Kong diner on Jupiter st.  It's located across from where VXi is.  When you look for this cafe - just drive along Jupiter st towards EDSA.   It's a good cafe - and it's open till 2:00 AM - and it can be a good option for our everyday lunch.

This is how they give your bill.  It's a wooden box with a glass top.  Very cool - I think.

When we visited Hao - there groups of friends drinking. 

Choose your sauce.

They were still on soft launch.  So the food does not come out instantly. While you wait - have fun with the crayons.

This is the Crispy Pork Pao.  We thought the bun is crispy.  Apparently it's the filling which is crispy.  I recommend this dish.

I ordered the thin-beef topping with the Spicy Mandarin Sauce.  I think I'll order the sauce on the side next time.  Dish is yummy.

If you Love Ma-Ling and you are having beer - I recommend this dish.  Very tasty.

This is Sweet and Sour fish topping.
The cafe has an extensive menu.   This will not be the last visit.  We will definitely come back for the other dishes.

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