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Krispy Kreme Kruffins

Have you tried the Krispy Kreme Baked Creations?   Every time I see posters for these goodies, my mouth water.  Unfortunately, because I work nights, every time I drop by the Krispy Kreme outlet in our office building - they're already sold out.  So every time I see something available on their pastry stand - I buy them.   Previously,  I tried the Pull-Aparts.  These are the savory version of the Baked Creations.  I tried the cheese flavor and I also tried the pepperoni flavor.  I didn't like them.   So I was hoping I can try the sweet version - which they call: Kruffins.

Today - thanks to Pedring, not a lot of people worked which means - not a lot of people bought pastries.  So I saw Mango, Double Chocolate Chip, and Apple flavored Kruffins.   I ordered all three. 

The Kruffins were awesome.  I didn't finish all three in one go.  I had one for breakfast - and two of them I brought home.  I only finished half of each - and if nobody else in the House of Queens eat them - I plan to finish it all up when I wake up tomorrow.

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