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My Father is on Facebook. He Also has a Blog

My father started using Facebook after his last birthday.  His classmates from Grade School and High School were in his birthday party and told him about Facebook.  They said that they got in touch with their other childhood friends with this wonderful technology.

For the longest time,  he refused to learn how to use the computer outside of typing a document in MS Word.  I guess his friends' stories of reconnecting with long lost friends got him interested in exploring Facebook.  I know he's not alone.  Facebook has piqued the interest of the baby boomers and that age group is one of the fastest growing demographic on FB usage.

He created his profile almost six months ago.  A couple of weeks ago he texted me and asked if there's a way he can write more than 240 characters in the status update.  He gets frustrated with the 240 character limit of Facebook.  You see - my father is a writer.  Growing up - I always wished that I inherited his natural talent in using the written word.   I struggle with writing cohesive thoughts - and this is why my dear readers - my blog is full of pictures.  I'm hoping that the pictures can paint the thousand words that I can't write.   I told my father that if he wants to overcome the characters limit --- maybe it's time for him to get introduced to the world of blogging.

He got excited about blogging.  Apparently - he has been reading the blogs that I post on my Facebook page.  He has always wondered how he can start his own.  My brother and I created a blogger account for him.  We selected a simple template for him and showed him how to compose his blog entries.  We also showed him how he can post links to these entries onto his Facebook account.

I've been reading his entries - and I must say that he's good.  I'm hoping that he continues to write more blog entries.  He has a voice that I know needs to be read by people.   If you are interested in reading what my father thinks about topics like Shamcey, Manila Traffic, Politics etc., please visit the The Lion's Den.   

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