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Next Door (North Park)

My life seems to have gone to the dogs.   Not my everyday life - but at least my weekend life.  On Saturday - I woke up and had to take Char Siew to Better Dog for our weekly class.  Sunday - Char Siew, Midori, Second Queen and myself went to our photo shoot for the Bow & Wow promo.  Those were the highlights of my weekend.  BTW - I'm not complaining - if I can actually dedicate my every waking hour to my two dogs - I would.  Of course - as long as I can still continue to earn a living.  My dogs and I have needs - and for those needs - I am happy that I have my job that can provide the money for those needs.

All these doggie activities actually get me hungry.  It's a good thing that the Nanny that I hired to take care of them cooks well.  So apart from taking care of the doggies ( while I earn a living ),  she also makes sure that the humans in the House of Queens are fed properly.

For times when I don't feel like eating the dishes that Nanny cooked,  I eat out.  There are also times, like midnight on weekends, that I feel like eating out instead of nuking yesterday's Nanny special.  This weekend - I felt like going to Next Door (North Park).  I think it's been months since I ate there.  My favorite dish is the Boneless Chicken Chops.  For Dessert,  I love their Gabi Buchi. 

Pork Chop with Onion Sauce on Rice 

Boneless Chicken Chops
Gabi Butchi

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