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Noodles from North Park

It rained all weekend - which meant that we had to stay indoors most of the time.  I did try to watch out for the brief moments that it stopped so I can take my two dogs for a walk.  They were very brief.

In rainy weather - I crave for soup.  Soup with noodles keeps you warm.  A good place to get soup-y noodles is North Park.   Their broth is tasty and you have a large selection of toppings.

Soup is what we wanted in North Park - but I also wanted to get fried rice and Crispy Pork.   In the Philippines - Crispy Pork is called Lechon Macau.  The Crispy Pork dish of North Park didn't look like it's counterpart served in Hong Kong or Singapore.  This one looked like Crispy Liempo.

I just realized that I've been eating too much Pork.  Even in Fine Dining restaurants like Lemuria - I order Pork Belly.  That's understandable because I don't like eating Beef.  The only beef that I can eat is when it's cooked as a Hamburger or Bistek Filipino.

Apart from the above dishes - we also had Shrimp Dumpling.  This is a good addition to the Noodle dish.

I have not been travelling to Hong Kong for months now --- so my brain has forgotten how good Hong Kong food is.  This is why - I think that the North Park dishes started to taste good again.

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  1. love their 3 kinds of mushroom noodles soup with wheat noodles! :D yummm!! :D :D my sis loves the lechon macau and my parents rave for the crispy pancit