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A Sinful Night after Zombadings

This dessert is called Original Sin.  It's apple crepe from Cafe Breton.  I thought it was appropriate to consume it after we watched Zombadings.

"Zombadings: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington"  opened for commercial release last week.  It was the most popular movie in the cinemas.  It was a limited release and in the cinemas where it was showing - there were long queues.  Everyone who watched the movie was thoroughly entertained by this wickedly funny movie .

"Zombadings ..." is about a boy who found himself "turning" gay at the age of 21.  The metamorphosis was presented in funny scenes - which included dressing up in baby Ts,  speaking in gay-speak, and dancing to the tune of House Music.  

I sometimes felt conflicted while watching the movie.  On the one hand it has messages of gay men being strong men for choosing to express who they really are.  On the other hand - it seems to imply that being gay is a curse.   I chose to overlook that conflict.  I chose to overlook that the movie presents just one dimension of being gay - being the funny man who chooses to be a girl.  I chose instead to set my attention to the lovely story between the family and friends of the boy.  The father who knows in his heart who his son is and sacrifices his sacred "manhood" to let his son live out and express who he really is.

Let me just say that Martin Escudero was brilliant in this movie.  His comic timing was perfect.  In fact - his performance is as impeccable as the comedic timing of the current queen of comedy: Eugene Domingo.  I will not be surprised if he gets nominated or even wins acting awards this year.

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