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What do You Mean it's not Mine?

This Sofa is nice but I'm getting tired of using it.  I need a new bed.

Daddy?  What is that?

Oh my Dog.  You can read my mind Daddy.

And you bought it on sale.  Good for you.  I just hope it lasts longer than my last bed. If I can recall it took me half an hour to pull out all the fluffy stuff from the bed.

This is so comfortable and look - the color blends well with mine.

What?  This is not mine?  Why?

Blech.  It's for Char Siew's training at better dog?  No fair - he doesn't even like sleeping on a bed.

Blogger's Note: A blog post from Midori The Beagle.


  1. Hm, maybe you can have it when training is done!

  2. I'm actually asking Daddy to give me my own. I don't think I can accept hand me downs from my younger brother. :D.