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Do All Parents Play Favorites?

I was watching Anderson yesterday.  Their were discussing the topic of parents playing favorites among their children.  They featured a mother who admits that she had a favorite child and she had to go to therapy to address those issues.  On the other hand, there's  a mother who denies that she has a favorite child.  BTW - I find it odd that they only featured mothers.  Why did they not feature men?  Well - there's that doctor - but he's the "expert" guest so he doesn't count.  I actually think that Fathers are actually much more prone to have a favorite child then moms do.

In the household of the queens - people tend to say that I play favorites between the two of my dogs.  Some say that Char Siew is my favorite while others say it's Midori.   I guess they actually say these things based on my interaction with a dog on a particular day.   The truth is - I like doing different things with these two dogs.  So - my favorite tends to shift between the two of them depending on my mood, my needs, and my wants on that particular day.

The two dogs didn't think I was telling the truth.  They think I have a consistent favorite and that I must declare it to the whole wide world who it is.  So they have been campaigning for themselves to make me choose one of them.

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