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Do I Really Look Different When I Wear Sunglasses?

I never really understood the disguise that Superman and Wonder Woman use.  They wear eyeglasses and suddenly people don't recognize them and they assume their mild mannered persona.  I bring this up because there's a phenomenon in Grindr that I don't understand.  I actually have two profiles - one for my Apple iOS devices and one for my Android device.  If I could merge these two profiles - I would.  However, that functionality is not yet in place.  I've merged by iPod and iPad profiles but not my HTC profile.

The other day,  a gentleman pinged me on both devices.  The funny thing is - he was asking for a face picture without my sunglasses.  Doesn't he see the resemblance between the  two?  Does he not realize that he pinged the same person?


  1. I actually get annoyed when I ask a guy for a face pic and he sends me one where he's wearing sunglasses, heheh... Coz I feel like he still wants to conceal a portion of his face so that I won't recognize him if I see him in public. for me, it's the same thing as sending blurred pics or yung hindi naka-close up yung face


  2. @closetjj - If you ask for my face pic - I will refer you to this blog post :D.

    @Ipe - Now I know what your type is: you like them with big eyes and a toothy smile.

    Thank you both for visiting and posting a comment on my blog.