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The Bread in Felix is Divine

I had a recent post on the Special menu that I tried from Felix - a restaurant at Greenbelt 5.  I thoroughly enjoyed that meal.  You might be wondering how I find the other dishes in the regular menu.  I thought I'd answer that by describing my favorites in their regular fare.

Let's start with the complimentary roll and salsa-like dip that they serve.  Their bread rolls are divine.  I don't know what Manna is like - but I'm telling you - the pastry chef of Felix does a wonderful job with these rolls.  They're sweet and creamy.  If you try it with their special dip ( pictured below ) it tastes even better.  I have to ask the waiter for more bread rolls every time I dine there.

The other dish that we love to order is the Gen San.  For those who are not familiar with the name, this is actually referring to the Tuna capital of the Philippines.  That city's name is General Santos.  An apt name - since this dish is made of tuna.  For Americans and Mexicans - you will know this by the name of Ceviche.   For us in the Philippines, the local name is Kilawin.  Same dish - different acid used in cooking it.   

Our favorite salad dish at Felix is the Arata Salad.  It is made of Crispy Prawn and Scallops with Tropical fruits and sesame dressing.  

For soup, I recommend Neal ( creamy mushroom soup with pan fried goose liver ) or Fuyubare ( Pumpkin, Carrot and Chestnuts ).

The main course in Felix also has a lot to offer.  I will write about them in another post.


  1. I pass by Felix everyday yet I didn't know the "treasure" that establishment has to offer. Will try to dine there soon! - Lovi E.

  2. @Lovi ; try it out then let me know what you think.