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Fight and Consequence

Char Siew comes from a fighting breed ( the Shar Pei ).   I come from a hunting breed.  This just means that we require a lot of activities to expend our excess energy.  Most of the time - that translates to us horsing around the house of queens.

Daddy.  We're bored.  Can we play?

Midori:  Ooh. I love playing with you Char Siew.  The skin around your neck is so loose that I can grab it with ease.

Char Siew: The skin around your neck is taut.  I can't get much out of it.

Char Siew:  But your ears are big.  They're a much easier target.

So Char Siew and I end up playing but we really get into it that sometimes - we bump onto the furniture and Daddy has to stop us.  Or sometimes - we draw blood.  Accidentally.  That's when Daddy tells us to stop.

Midori: I'm sorry Daddy.  I didn't mean to hurt Char Siew.
Char Siew:  I can't even look at you Daddy.  I'm sorry I caused that vase to fall and break.

Once we are made to stop.  Daddy asks us to stay in our corner.  I go to my bed and Char Siew is made to take the down position by Daddy's bedroom door.

1 comment:

  1. It doesn't take much to get a Shar pei bloody! But it looks like you guys were having fun! I bet it was worth it... minus the breaking of the vase, of course... Oops!