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Fit Flops

The queen suggested that I get Flip Flops to resolve a problem that I have when I walk my two dogs.  I want to be able to walk them without being fussy over what I wear.  I actually would have wanted to just wear rubber flip-flops ( tsinelas in Tagalog ).  The problem with flip-flops is that I end up having friction burns on my feet when I use them for a very long time.  I realized that if I apply lotion on my feet right before the walk - I don't have that problem,  however I find that too fussy.

The queen said that her Fit Flops (TM) are actually very comfortable.  They also have a very soft lining where the thongs touch her feet - so she does not experience the friction burns that I experience.  So I decided to get a pair.

I've been using the Fit-Flops for a couple of weeks now.  The queen is right.  They're comfortable and my feet don't hurt after each use.  Oh - I read somewhere that this can be useful in developing firm buns.  I'm not sure how it can do that but if that's the side effect of wearing them - then I'd be a happy person.

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