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Friday's Potato Skins

Do not shop with an empty stomach.  If you do - you run the risk of picking up junk while doing your groceries.  Look at what we grabbed last weekend.   These bags of chips were calling out to me "Hellooooo.  Take me home."   They looked yummy but I didn't really care for it much.

Midori sensed I didn't like them and she was hoping I'd toss them towards her direction.  She gave me her best puppy dog look. Unfortunately for her,  it didn't work on me. She already lost some weight and I'm sure these chips will set her back a long ways if I gave some of it to her.


  1. poor midori... :(

    my heart just melts when our dog does that kaya naging spoiled tuloy, heheh...

  2. @closetjj : My friends actually say that I spoil my dogs. I don't see why they say that.