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I got my Viktor Jeans

I finally got the finished product from Viktor jeans. 

According to the store staff, jeans should only be washed once a year.  I'm sure my mom will have a fit if she hears those instructions.  They also said that it should be hand washed.  Oh my God.  I don't think I can find a laundry woman who would be willing to hand wash denim.  Who are they kidding?

Viktor's tag line:  "A good pair can get you laid."   As if that's the only thing that I'm concerned with.  I want to be loved too you know.

I can't wait to wear this pair.  They're actually not perfect.  There is a bit of crease at the bum part that the staff said will go away after wash and wear.   I am not sure I believe that but I will wait.  If it still doesn't go away after the first wash - I'll go back to the store and have them fix it.

Bespoke is all about the details.  This is one of them that I chose when I got the pair. Having a leather hoop in the form of a V can be added onto your Jeans for an additional fee.

So far - I'm happy with this pair.  Time to put their company mission to the test.  Wink. Wink.

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  1. looking forward to your follow up post on this one. wanna know if it really makes a difference. not so much on the getting laid part though :)