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Light Snack at Chelsea

I wanted to have a light snack - so I convinced the queens to go to Chelsea at Bonifacio High St.  I was just planning to have soup.  I ordered their split-pea soup.  I love peas.  I don't understand why the queens don't agree with my choice.   I noticed that the soup bowl of Chelsea is similar to the soup bowl of Lemuria.  I wonder where they get this bowl. I'd like to get it for my own kitchen.

The problem with a light snack is that it sometimes ends up too light.  So I crave for something else - like cake.  Chelsea has a great selection of cakes so I can't just order one cake - I ended up ordering two.


  1. the 2nd cake you posted looks damn good

  2. pinkc00kies - do you love chocolate? Then you should try their Toblerone Torte Sans Rival. Between the two cakes above - I prefer the cream based one on top ( I can't remember their names :P )