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The Original New Bombay

New Bombay has opened so many outlets around the metro but it all started in this tiny cafeteria like place found near the Mormon temple on De La Costa st. in Salcedo Village.  We discovered it years ago when we were looking for an Indian restaurant in the neighborhood.  We liked the food back then - but I know that my Indian friends will call it Cafeteria food.  Well - it has changed a lot since then - especially when all the other outlets opened.  The place was renovated and the menu has definitely expanded.

We dined at the original outlet last weekend.  The highlight of that dining experience is the Sweet Nan that we ordered.  We used to order this in another restaurant but they discontinued it.  But we really have a sweet tooth in the house of queens so we asked if we can have the cook prepare this for us.  They did and it was delicious.

The other dishes that we ordered were equally scrumptious.  It included the Fish Goan Curry.

We also ordered this curried chicken with nuts and onion.  Oh - I love this dish.

We also ordered Raita to cool down the spices of the dishes we ordered.

We always order the Palak Paneer. 

And for refreshment we had the Strawberry lassi. 

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