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Row, Row, Row your Boat

Living in a country with 7,107 islands, you would think that all Filipinos know how to swim.  Surprisingly, this is not true.  I think that at best, 60% of the population does not know how to swim.  This fact does not stop the Pinoys from enjoying the beach but most of my countrymen will not go beyond the waters that are four feet deep.

My two dogs - Char Siew and Midori know how to swim.  I discovered this when I carried them into the water and let them swim their way to shore.  They didn't enjoy that experience.  In fact,  because of that experiment,  Char Siew growls at me whenever I try to carry him.  He has grown suspicious of my intentions.


  1. aaww... poor char siew... :(
    na-trauma siguro

  2. @closetjj - siguro nga. But slowly - I have been able to regain his trust. I can now lift him up when he needs to get onto the car.

  3. Laney hates being picked up as well. Something must have happened to her before I adopted her, I'm guessing, to make her nervous about it. She'll let me pick her up, but she jumps down first chance she gets.

  4. Hello Angela. I read somewhere that it is also an unnatural state for dogs to have their feet hanging - suspended in the air. So they don't like being lifted up. I think the problem we deal with ( and come to understand ) with the Shar Pei is that they are naturally grumpy dogs. I actually think - they developed their wrinkles because of their grumpy disposition.

  5. Yes, Shar Peis and Beagles seem to have opposite personalities. Laney is grumpy with other dogs like a shar pei, but she's silly and sweet with her humans like a beagle... it's pretty funny.
    I bet they keep you balanced! lol