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Salad and Pasta from Mary Grace

After picking up the queen from the airport, we went straight to Mary Grace in Greenbelt.  We usually dine Al Fresco but we felt that the heat was a bit oppressive and decided to dine inside the restaurant instead.

Salad and Pasta were the dishes that we selected for this meal.

Would you like to try dried fish salad dressing?  This is what the queen ordered.  It tasted like anchovies dressing - and I never liked Anchovies.

The funny thing is that I don't like Anchovies but I like Caesar Salad.  That's what I ordered.  I remember when I was vegetarian - I once ordered Caesar Salad and someone pointed out that Caesar Salad dressing has anchovies.  So I guess - I wasn't really vegetarian.

Shrimp on creamy dressing is always good.   Mary Grace's version does not disappoint.

I decided to try the Cream Dory pasta.  Mmmmm.  I love this dish. and I totally recommend it to anyone who loves fish on their pasta.

For dessert, we had good old Apple pie.

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