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Yema Cake from Caroline

I was at Greenbelt last weekend to pick up my Jeans from Viktor.  They had a hard time looking for my pair - so I decided to walk around the mall.  Going through Greenbelt 1,  I found that Greenbelt 1 is now setup with pastry stands similar to what you can find in the bakers' market in Rockwell.

Don't tell my trainer - but I could not resist the temptation of the yema cake from Caroline.  I love yema ( the candy ) - so having a cake with yema frosting is something that I will not be able to resists.   My grandmother used to make yema cake when we were young.  I used to volunteer as her helper every time she makes it.  So I guess you can say that apart from my overgrown sweet tooth,  eating yema cake brings back memories of my grandma.

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