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Acuaverde Beach Resort

We discovered a new dog-friendly resort in Laiya.  The resort's name is Acuaverde beach resort.  The dogs and the queens had fun at the resort.  They have good accommodations, well designed surroundings, great areas for lounging under the sun and good food.   I'm actually really happy that more and more resorts are opening up their doors to furry members of our family.

Acuaverde has plenty of comfortable loungers

They also have three cabanas that are really comfortable.  We can just lay there all day.

More loungers

Rooms face the garden.  Each room has a patio.

They also have a game room.  My dogs loved staying in the game room.

In case you're into Football, Volleyball or Table Tennis.

Food is very good.  For dinner we had a plate of fish, beef and rice.

The beach is decent but not spectacular. The sand is pretty rough.  My dogs didn't like walking on their sand. 

You face East - so wake up early  for the breath-taking sunrise.
At night they have a bonfire so more lounging by the cabanas - while you look at the star-lit skies.

The beds are comfortable - and each room has a decent bathroom.  They also have a Television and Internet access in their rooms.

We had a great and relaxing time at the resort.  We will definitely plan another weekend/vacation at Acuaverde very soon.

Acuaverde is located in Laiya, San Juan Batangas.  For more information on directions how to get there and their prevailing rates.  Please visit their Facebook Page: Acuaverde Beach Resort and Hotel.

Squeeze In

Nu-ni-nu-ni-nu.  I dropped my treat.

I need to squeeze my head in between these bamboo posts to get to it.

Hmmm - my head fits but the rest of my body won't fit.

Panic!!  Daddy - I can't get out.  I need help!

NOTE:  Apparently - I have to pull my head out of that space at a certain angle.  I figured it out after a very brief moment of panic.

Bow & Wow Picnic Bag

For Thanksgiving weekend, we went on a road trip.  Daddy was so happy that we were able to use the free picnic bag that we got from Bow & Wow.

The bag has many pockets for different items that we need to carry - like our treats, extra leash, toys and water bottle.

Speaking of water bottle - we use this bottle which has a foldable water dish.  Don't you think it's handy?

Inside the bag are our kibbles and portable kibble dish.

This is our kibble bag.

This is our kibble dish.

This is one neat picnic bag.  Don't you agree Char Siew?

Starbucks Planner 2012

It has been a Christmas tradition in Manila ever since Starbucks decided to draw their patrons into using their 13th month pay to order their limited release Christmas drinks.  You order drinks - get a sticker for each drink and then once you complete the required number of drinks - you get a planner.  Not just any planner - but it's the STARBUCKS planner.

I just completed my first set of stickers this year.  I claimed my planner for 2012.  This year Starbucks gave their customers two options.  You can complete it with a combination of regular and holiday drinks or you can order more of the regular drinks.  Since I stopped drinking coffee - this works really for me since I can order my tea for the day and get my sticker.

This year - you can choose from five designs.  I opted for the Oak design.

The planner comes with a planner bag/sleeve.

The sleeve's button has Starbucks imprinted on it.

Like the previous years - you can get coupons with the planner.

Have you received your planner for this year?  Which design will you choose?

A Pack of Jack Russel Terriers

After accompanying daddy on his shoe-shopping,  we decided to hang around Bonifacio High Street.  It was a busy night with a lot of people and their canine companions.

Daddy made us walk around the mall twice before taking us inside the park to make sure that we burn off excess energy.  This was a good idea because Char Siew ended up well behaved.

Here in this picture you will see Char Siew on top of a rock and he was spotted by a Chow Chow.  I think both of them wanted to play.

While we were at the park, we spotted a pack of Jack Russel Terriers.  They seem to be in training.

I count four JRTs in this picture.  How many do you count?   They are of different coat varieties.

One of them spotted us and wanted to approach.  Daddy doesn't want us to interact much because he knows that Char Siew doesn't like small dogs.   He tells the handler that Char Siew bites - but that's a lie.

This pair seems to be whispering something really interesting to each other.

Hmmm ... hey Mr. Jack - are you trying to show us that you can do a down-stay?  We can do that too you know.

This dog is doing a sit-stay.

It was a fun night and we can't wait to go back.   BTW - I ended up showing off and doing all my tricks: Beg, Play Dead, Roll-Over, Sit-Stay, and Catch the Treats.  

Pedro's Beautiful Shoes

Next weekend - our company will have our annual year-end/holiday party.   The party organizers decided to have a masquerade theme.   I already got my mask ( and it was a real bargain - 1 US dollar for the mask ).   I also got my party outfit but I needed new shoes.  I was looking for patent leather shoes since my coat has a satin lapel ( similar to a tuxedo but not quite a tuxedo because the pants do not have the corresponding satin strip on its side ).   For shoe-shopping my favorite store is Pedro ( the other one is Traffic ).  

I got two pairs of shoes while I was at Pedro.  The patent leather black shoes that I will wear for the party and a blue pair that I am hoping I can alternate with my brown wing-tips.  Of course - since I brought blue shoes - I had to buy a matching blue belt.

Kitchen Runners and Swimmers

Kitchen (in Greenbelt 3)  is our go-to place for quirky but delicious meals.  

Chicken wings is popular in Manila.  You have Bon-Chon, Manang's Chicken, Charlie Chicken and others.  I think the Buffalo Wings marinade of Kitchen can go head-to-head with all those other popular joints.  It's juicy and tasty.

I was craving for Sardines Sandwich so I ordered this.  I'm a bit disappointed with this dish.  It was a a bit too fishy for my taste.

Since the Sardines Sandwich didn't satisfy my fish cravings - we ordered this Salmon Belly dish.  This tastes great.  I'm not a fan of salmon because most of the time the chef does not get it right and it retains a lot of its fishy taste.  Not this one.  It has great flavors but none of the fish-y taste.

When you eat in Kitchen - I encourage you to look up and take a peek inside the overhead lamps.

Salads in Kitchen are also a must-try.   This one has olives, grapes, walnuts and of course fresh greens.

To finish the meal we ordered the green tea cheesecake.  This pastry was just ok.  Nothing special.