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Acuaverde Beach Resort

We discovered a new dog-friendly resort in Laiya.  The resort's name is Acuaverde beach resort.  The dogs and the queens had fun at the resort.  They have good accommodations, well designed surroundings, great areas for lounging under the sun and good food.   I'm actually really happy that more and more resorts are opening up their doors to furry members of our family.

Acuaverde has plenty of comfortable loungers

They also have three cabanas that are really comfortable.  We can just lay there all day.

More loungers

Rooms face the garden.  Each room has a patio.

They also have a game room.  My dogs loved staying in the game room.

In case you're into Football, Volleyball or Table Tennis.

Food is very good.  For dinner we had a plate of fish, beef and rice.

The beach is decent but not spectacular. The sand is pretty rough.  My dogs didn't like walking on their sand. 

You face East - so wake up early  for the breath-taking sunrise.
At night they have a bonfire so more lounging by the cabanas - while you look at the star-lit skies.

The beds are comfortable - and each room has a decent bathroom.  They also have a Television and Internet access in their rooms.

We had a great and relaxing time at the resort.  We will definitely plan another weekend/vacation at Acuaverde very soon.

Acuaverde is located in Laiya, San Juan Batangas.  For more information on directions how to get there and their prevailing rates.  Please visit their Facebook Page: Acuaverde Beach Resort and Hotel.


  1. Wow, I want to be there! So picturesque!
    And we had first snowfall here yesterday :P

    And I LOVE how Midori turned her back to the camera! I do that too. Hey, we're facing our owners.

  2. Hello Laney. Do you like playing in the snow? To be honest - I'm not sure any of my dogs would love snow. They are neophobic ( they are very suspicious of new things ).

    Midori - was very contemplative during the trip. We have a lot of pictures of her just staring out to the sea. I guess she's drawn to the greenish waters ... that's appropriate since she's named after the Japanese word for Green.

    Char Siew - doesn't even like looking at the sea. I can't even bring him closer than 10 feet to the sea.

    I hope you're keeping yourself warm. Thanks for checking out our blog.

  3. hi sir,
    thank you for the great review of Acuaverde. We are happy that you enjoyed your stay. Would you mind if I share this blogpost on Acuaverde's FB page?
    Thank you. Looking forward in welcoming you and your dogs in Acuaverde.

    Arabella C. Guino
    Resort Duty Manager

  4. Hi Arabella. Thanks fir visiting the site. Please go ahead and post this on your site. We really enjoyed our stay at the resort. We'll be back soon.