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Bulgogi Brothers

You know what I love about Philippine Holidays?  Less people in the metro.  This is great for trying restaurants that typically have too many people.  One of those restaurants is Bulgogi brothers.  We wanted to know what the big deal is.  We tried it.  The food is good - but I don't see what the big deal is.  Yes - you can have your Bulgogi cooked in front of you --- but what's the fun in that?  I go to restaurants to have my food cooked for me.  If I wanted it otherwise - I will just stay at home.

I must say that apart from that foolishness of having the food cooked on your table - I think the food they serve in Bulgogi is awesome.  I liked most of the dishes that they served us.   These are the dishes that we ordered:

My friends were surprised when we were served these.  It seems very rustic.  It reminds  us of stories of our friends who go to Immersion activities in the rural areas and they are served Camote, or Corn, or Quail Egg.  If you are lucky - you might be served Monkeys.

They serve complimentary tea with your meal.  

The side orders of pickled vegetables, mashed pumpkin and kimchi.  I liked the pickled vegetables and the mashed pumpkin.

They give a choice of salt, soy bean paste and chili as condiment for the bulgogi.

We ordered puff pastry with seafood filling.  This comes highly recommended by the staff and the queens.

Heart Shaped Grilled beef.


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