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Cafe Adriatico

When I was younger and I still go bar-hopping on weekends,  Cafe Adriatico was our last stop for the night ( actually early morning ).  That's where we replenish all the calories that we burned from dancing all night long - with the hearty meals of Cafe Adriatico.  They serve traditional Filipino dishes as well as continental dishes that are familiar to us Filipinos.

Today - I don't get to visit the restaurant as often.   I also don't have time or the energy to go bar-hopping.  When I do get to spot a Cafe-Ad - I tend to gravitate towards the restaurant and order my favorites.  It never fails to give me happy feelings after the meal.

Beef Ribs - Cooked Bulgogi Style

Beef Salpicao with Rice

Canonigo with Mango Balls

Halo Halo


  1. Thanks for visiting. I hope you were able to go to your nearest Cafe Ad to satisfy your craving/hunger.