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Crystal Room

I've been to the Crystal Room at the Establishment before.  However, I was not able to dine in the Crystal Room because I was wearing shorts.  The restaurant manager was actually just gracious enough to let us in when we dropped by.  He could not let us into the Crystal room  and he asked us to dine at the event hall.  The event hall was dimly lit - so they can still uphold their dress code - by just hiding me in one corner.  I enjoyed the food back then and I told myself that I was going to come back.  This time I did dress up more appropriately and I was able to actually dine inside the Crystal Room.

This time - I was wearing a dinner jacket
This meal is courtesy of a coupon from DealGrocer.  They have a three-course dinner with complimentary sparkling wine for 999++ pesos.  In my opinion, the price is reasonable.  However - I felt that a three course meal is not a complete meal.  I would have preferred to have a proper introduction through an appetizer and it would have been a much better meal with there was an entree prior to the main dish.   I guess that's what you get when you do coupon dining - it may lead to a discount but you don't get the real deal.

I am however going to say that as separate dishes,  the food was really good.  You can definitely taste the care that was put in preparing each course.  We started with the Ceasar Salad, moved on the main course ( a choice between the Sea Bass and the Steak ) and finished with the Pistachio Crepe.  Oh - there's one other thing that we were disappointed with this coupon deal - we were given half servings of the Pistachio Crepe instead of the full serving.  That's a huge disappointment because we couldn't get enough of this dessert the last time we ate here.  One good thing about the incomplete meal and the tiny dessert is that I had a lot of room for after dinner drinks at the Establishment bar.  Check that out on my next post.

Prawn with Caesar Salad


Sea Bass

Pistachio de Lupe

Sparkling Wine

Crystal Room Chandelier

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