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A Fun Walk with Midori and Char Siew

Walks with my two dogs are always fun.

They're definitely city dogs.  They even know how to use the lifts. They're well behaved in the lifts and very courteous.

I think Midori has OCD.  When we walk - she walks on the red paint on the sidewalk.

The dogs love it when they spot other dogs. You will notice that these dogs have a Nanny too.  She's even in uniform. 

This Jack Russel Terrier was going to surprise us.  But my dogs spotted him from a mile away.

After the walk - we decided to hang out in one of the coffee shops in the neighborhood.

Char Siew keeps watch in case he spots an alley cat.

Instead of spotting a cat - he spots two mini-schnauzers with their Nanny.

Char Siew:  This is an awesome walk Daddy.  Let's do this again tomorrow.
Midori:  I agree Char Siew.  These walks make us into one happy family.  The family who walks together stay together.


  1. You guys look very well behaved! I bet you get lots of attention on walks!

  2. Hello Laney. We are an odd couple - so yes we get a lot of attention. Some people are afraid of Char Siew. I don't know why they think he is aggressive.

  3. I think it's the wrinkles.. gives a gruff/grumpy look to some. I met a guy that started to pet Laney then yanked his hand back and asked if she was friendly.
    I think wrinkles and droopy face make them look sad or worried. Not aggressive.