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Ice Skating at Mall of Asia

Do you know how to skate?  I didn't learn how to properly skate till I was an adult.  I know how to skate on wheels as well as on ice.  However - it's been years since I last tried it.  A couple of months back, the queens of the house planned to go to the Ice skating rink in Mall of Asia.   We were both wondering if we still know how to skate.

There are actually a lot of kids on the rink.  Not a lot of adults.  

For kids who want to just experience the ice - they have an option to ride the snow sled.

While watching everyone skate - you can see a lot of people holding on to each other to try to balance each other.

The mall provide "coaches" you can hire if you want to learn how to skate for the first time.

Kids have a lot more courage.  When they fall down - they just get up and continue to skate.

Don't let that smile fool you.  When this shot was taken - I was actually staying close to the rink walls so I can hold on to it - if I lose my balance.

After three rounds skating around the rink - I regained my confidence and found myself skating properly.  So I guess - I still know how to skate.   To be honest - I don't think I will do it again since I was sore the day after for using muscle fibers that lay dormant for such a long time.

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