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Kitchen Runners and Swimmers

Kitchen (in Greenbelt 3)  is our go-to place for quirky but delicious meals.  

Chicken wings is popular in Manila.  You have Bon-Chon, Manang's Chicken, Charlie Chicken and others.  I think the Buffalo Wings marinade of Kitchen can go head-to-head with all those other popular joints.  It's juicy and tasty.

I was craving for Sardines Sandwich so I ordered this.  I'm a bit disappointed with this dish.  It was a a bit too fishy for my taste.

Since the Sardines Sandwich didn't satisfy my fish cravings - we ordered this Salmon Belly dish.  This tastes great.  I'm not a fan of salmon because most of the time the chef does not get it right and it retains a lot of its fishy taste.  Not this one.  It has great flavors but none of the fish-y taste.

When you eat in Kitchen - I encourage you to look up and take a peek inside the overhead lamps.

Salads in Kitchen are also a must-try.   This one has olives, grapes, walnuts and of course fresh greens.

To finish the meal we ordered the green tea cheesecake.  This pastry was just ok.  Nothing special.

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