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Mr. Jones after the Renovation

It's no secret to regular readers of this blog that I love Mr Jones cafe.  It seems like I'm not the only one who loves their food and business seems to be really good for them that they recently expanded their space.   They took over the space next door and we not have a bigger and hopefully better Mr. Jones.

When I lived in the US, I was introduced to Foosball.  I loved playing that game.  Part of the cafe's decoration now are miniature foosball units which will keep your kids ( and maybe the kids-at-heart ) entertained. 

All in all Mr. Jones imbibes a feeling of nostalgia.  One item in their menu that really makes me think of the good ol' days is the A&W Rootbeer float.   Mr. Jones' version has a generous serving of Ice cream.

But like all cafes - we go there for the food.  Their food is as great as I can remember prior to the renovation. Pictured above is one of their signature salads.   Below is a picture of their tomato soup.  What's great about the soup is that it's served with Grilled Cheese sandwich.  That is definitely a yummy combination.

Have you seen the local KFC ad of the double down?  It's a chicken sandwich without the bun.  They also have a version ( and I can't remember the name ) - which has the bun.  The picture below is similar to that --- except that it's really delicious.  It's Buffalo Chicken sandwich.  It's served with three stacks of chicken patties.  I could not figure out how to eat it.

If you have not tried Mr. Jones - I encourage you to do so.  If the food picture above did not make you want to try it - let me just mention that they also serve killer cocktails.  One of my friend's mom swears that they've got the best margarita in town.

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