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A Pack of Jack Russel Terriers

After accompanying daddy on his shoe-shopping,  we decided to hang around Bonifacio High Street.  It was a busy night with a lot of people and their canine companions.

Daddy made us walk around the mall twice before taking us inside the park to make sure that we burn off excess energy.  This was a good idea because Char Siew ended up well behaved.

Here in this picture you will see Char Siew on top of a rock and he was spotted by a Chow Chow.  I think both of them wanted to play.

While we were at the park, we spotted a pack of Jack Russel Terriers.  They seem to be in training.

I count four JRTs in this picture.  How many do you count?   They are of different coat varieties.

One of them spotted us and wanted to approach.  Daddy doesn't want us to interact much because he knows that Char Siew doesn't like small dogs.   He tells the handler that Char Siew bites - but that's a lie.

This pair seems to be whispering something really interesting to each other.

Hmmm ... hey Mr. Jack - are you trying to show us that you can do a down-stay?  We can do that too you know.

This dog is doing a sit-stay.

It was a fun night and we can't wait to go back.   BTW - I ended up showing off and doing all my tricks: Beg, Play Dead, Roll-Over, Sit-Stay, and Catch the Treats.  

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