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Pedro's Beautiful Shoes

Next weekend - our company will have our annual year-end/holiday party.   The party organizers decided to have a masquerade theme.   I already got my mask ( and it was a real bargain - 1 US dollar for the mask ).   I also got my party outfit but I needed new shoes.  I was looking for patent leather shoes since my coat has a satin lapel ( similar to a tuxedo but not quite a tuxedo because the pants do not have the corresponding satin strip on its side ).   For shoe-shopping my favorite store is Pedro ( the other one is Traffic ).  

I got two pairs of shoes while I was at Pedro.  The patent leather black shoes that I will wear for the party and a blue pair that I am hoping I can alternate with my brown wing-tips.  Of course - since I brought blue shoes - I had to buy a matching blue belt.

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