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The Queen and the Court Jester

I am Midori.  I'm the queen of this house.  Whatever I say - everybody follows.  When I say "I want a treat" I get a sack-full of treats presented to me.

I am Char Siew.  I am the court jester.   I present my cute face and everybody in the house just dotes on me and give me all the treats that I want.  I love belly rubs too and I make cute noises when I'm given belly rubs.  


  1. Funny! I would think it'd be the other way around, since Beagles tend to be silly and Shar Pei more dignified.

  2. Hello Laney. How are you today? In this house - Midori demands respect from all members of the household. I must admit that she was spoiled when she was a puppy. Char Siew - on the other hand - is just pure cuteness and we were a lot more prepared to handle him. So he can't demand anything - but he "coaxes" us to do his bidding by being adorable.