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Starbucks Planner 2012

It has been a Christmas tradition in Manila ever since Starbucks decided to draw their patrons into using their 13th month pay to order their limited release Christmas drinks.  You order drinks - get a sticker for each drink and then once you complete the required number of drinks - you get a planner.  Not just any planner - but it's the STARBUCKS planner.

I just completed my first set of stickers this year.  I claimed my planner for 2012.  This year Starbucks gave their customers two options.  You can complete it with a combination of regular and holiday drinks or you can order more of the regular drinks.  Since I stopped drinking coffee - this works really for me since I can order my tea for the day and get my sticker.

This year - you can choose from five designs.  I opted for the Oak design.

The planner comes with a planner bag/sleeve.

The sleeve's button has Starbucks imprinted on it.

Like the previous years - you can get coupons with the planner.

Have you received your planner for this year?  Which design will you choose?

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  1. check out the planners from starbucks korea! ^^