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The Tarsier in Bohol

I'm featuring two attractions from one of the 7101 islands of the Philippines: Bohol. 

The Bohol Chocolate Hills.  During the dry season - the landscape has patches of brown making these hills look like Chocolate (think upside down curly tops).

The Tarsier can only be found in the island of Bohol.  It's a primate.  Growing up we were taught that this was the smallest monkey.  They're not monkeys - but they're a close relative of the apes.  They are no bigger than your hand.  In the past, they let tourists touch them.  I'm happy to report that they no longer allow humans to touch them.  A conversationist must have indicated how stressful that might be to these creatures.   BTW - no flash photography allowed with these creatures - since they have hyper-sensitivity to light.  Look at those big (relatively) eyes.

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