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Breakfast at the Peninsula Manila

The Peninsula is our favorite hotel in Manila.  We love hanging out at the lobby and when I still smoked and the lobby was still a smoking area - we consumed gallons of coffee staying at the lobby.  For us - even if we stayed there every week - each visit is special.   

We don't get to visit the Peninsula that often anymore.  However, like before - each visit to the lobby is special.  That was definitely the case when we had breakfast there last weekend.

Filipino breakfast is heavier than the typical breakfast that Americans are used to.  We have rice - or noodles - or dim sum.  I remember having a hard time when I lived in the states and I had to just eat cereal for breakfast - by mid-morning - I was famished.

For breakfast - I felt like having Pansit Palabok   The noodles are heavy on the stomach but tasty.   I couldn't finish the whole serving.   

One of the queens had Sinigang for breakfast.  This is tamarind-based soup with gigantic prawns.  

I never really had loose leaf tea served this way.   I like it.  

Mint tea is my favorite tea nowadays.  BTW - I'm happy that I quit drinking coffee.  I have less allergy induced migraines.

Next time - I write about the Peninsula lobby - I will definitely order their desserts.  They were not available for breakfast - which is a bummer - but they have some of the best desserts in town.

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