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Chewy Ears

Hello.  I'm Char Siew the Shar Pei.  I live in the House of Queens with four humans and another dog - Midori the Beagle.  Midori is my sister.  I love her dearly - but she thinks that my odd habit of chewing on her ears is annoying. 

Midori has her agreeable moments.  These are the times when she will allow me to corner her so I can go after her ears.

Wrinkles are to Shar Pei as Floppy ears are to Beagles.  When we play - I go after her ears - Midori then goes after the wrinkles on my neck.

Sometimes - I have to try to hold Midori's whole head.  I can't bite hard - because my lips fold into my teeth.

This last picture is the best moment - I've got the whole ear in my mouth.


  1. Oh, Midori, you are a good sport!

  2. Hello Laney. There are days when I'm just mellow. I let Char Siew do his thing. However - most of the time - I'm very excite-able. Char Siew can't even get within inches of me without me grabbing his very chewy loose skin on his neck.