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The Company Party Fashion Show

I was going through our pictures during our Christmas Party and realized that the Fashion Show pictures will look great with Instagram filters.  During this year's Christmas Party - we had some employees stage a fashion show while wearing avant garde garments.  I was actually amazed at how driven every one is in presenting creative garments on the cat-walk. 

Snow Queen - Is Datchu?

The mask and the eye-lashes look really great up-close

Kilt over pants

Uhm - not sure what's going on here.

This guy is working it

If Peter Pan and Tinkerbell had a son - he will look like this

Cupcake, Macaroon - or Curly Tops?

Go Girl - Werk that outfit.  Be Fierce!

Bishop Costume?

The skirt looks Great.

Emote much?

Rock Star.

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