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Dressed Up for Year-End Party

It's that time of the year in Manila when all companies are celebrating the Holidays via their Year-End Party (otherwise known as the Christmas Party).  Our company stopped using Christmas Party since we do recognize that some of our employees do not celebrate Christmas.   The year-end party is a big deal for employees in the Philippines.   You must have it or you won't be able to hold on to your employees.  They will go to the other 99% of the companies in the country who will celebrate the season.

This year - we had to dress up for the party.  It's formal - and it's a masquerade.  I got my mask for 50 pesos ( One Us Dollar ).   This is how your dear blogger looked like for the party.

Sorry if I didn't look very happy in this photo.  I do have photos where I was smiling - but I looked like a pig - and I didn't want anyone else to see that.   At least in this one - apart from the very somber ( or even snooty ) countenance - I looked slim.

I think I will wear this suit to my brother's wedding in February.  I might just have to get a more festive tie ( bow or slim - I have not decided on that yet ).

My dear readers - what are you planning to wear to your holiday party?

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