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I Got an iPhone from Smart

I am a Smart subscriber.  I have been a Smart Subscriber since 2007.  Because of this - I never had an iPhone.  Apple had an exclusive tie-up with Smart's competitor in the Philippines: Globe Telecoms.  I know I could have bought an open line from Hong Kong - but I never really had a compelling reason to get one.

In the past couple of years - Apple has slowly crept into my life.  It started with the iPod classic,  then it moved on to the iPod Touch ( generations 3 and 4 ), then it was the Mac Airport express,  then it was the first generation iPad, then the Macbook ( which I'm using as my personal computer ).  So it just made sense for me to complete the whole family and finally get an iPhone when Globe lost its exclusive distribution tie-up with Apple.

I've been using the phone since December 23 - and I must say that I love the phone.  I love the fact that with just this phone - I'm able to leave the following gadgets home:

  • Mobile WiFi router - I can turn the mobile phone into a personal hotspot
  • My Sony NEX 5 - For special needs - I still use my Sony Nex 5 - but for everyday use - the iPhone 4 camera is perfect.
  • My Company Issued Blackberry - I don't do this often - but if I'm out and about - I can use my iPhone to check my company mail.
  • My iPod - I have my music loaded into my iPhone
  • Even my iPad - I still bring my iPad to work.  I don't think the iPhone can replace the iPad - but since I already left four other gadgets at home - I might as well leave the iPad.
I am not really an Apple Fan boy - but I really love my iPhone 4s.  The only problem I have with the iPhone is it's battery capacity.   From my experiments ( and I will talk about this in another post ) - I can only get at most 6 hours usage ( and between 15 to 26 hours standby time ).   This is why the Powerboost gift I got for Christmas comes handy.

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