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Kong Toys

We got early Christmas presents from Daddy.   Apparently - there's a story behind these toys.  He turned in  a broken scale to True Value.  They offered an exchange of merchandise for the broken scale.  He beelined for the Kong toys which he thought was a bit too expensive for us - but since these are technically free now - he got us three toys.

My favorite is the Kong Braidz.  Char Siew seems to like it too.  Who wouldn't want to wrestle with a squeaking monkey?

Daddy is using the Kong Tug Toy - in channeling our prey drive.  He plays tug of war with us - and every time he says - Drop It - and we let go - we get either a treat or we continue the game.  

Char Siew seems to be drawn to the Kong Wubba.  He likes playing fetch - and it's a great fetch toy.

Anipals - have you received your Christmas presents?

NOTE: A guest post by Midori the Beagle.

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