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Managing the iPhone 4s Battery

The iPhone 4s ( and the iOS 5 ) has attracted a lot of criticism for being a power hog.  I am actually worried about this problem because I don't want to end up with a dead phone during my day.   To remedy the situation - I did a four day experiment to determine what settings I can use that will allow me to maximize my use of the phone - with the least number of charge in a day.   BTW - as a disclaimer - in case I do end up with a dead phone midday - I have a portable backup power source.

Day 1

All features turned on all the time.  This means that I had push e-mail on.  I also had the Cellular Data network turned on.  Wifi is on and I also had it checking for available WiFi networks.

Day 2

I switched off WiFi.  Cellular network is turned on.  I switched off push Mail.  App notifications are still turned on.

Day 3

I think I reached the sweet spot on the third day.  I switched off cellular data network (but switch it on occasionally when I need to surf and there are no WiFi connections available),  I switched on WiFi - but I switched off the option to check available networks.  Push e-mail was turned off.   I also kept running apps to a minimum - especially those which tend to fetch data online ( for example - Twitter ).

Day 4

I switched on Push e-mail - but kept Cellular network turned off ( on when I need it ).  I continued to keep running apps to a minimum.  WiFi is always on but checking on available networks is Off.

From my experiment - it seems like the maximum hours of usage for the phone is six hours.  This is pretty much aligned with what Apple advertises.  My phone usage is mostly for online surfing.  I rarely use it for calling ( since most phone calls are for work - and I have a company issued phone for that ), I also rarely text.   Music is around one hour a day and I rarely watch videos on the iPhone.

This just means that I can use the phone every day and have it charged while I am sleeping.

Do any of you have different settings that seem to have maximized the battery life per charge of your iPhone?

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