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Myron's at Rockwell

I am not a big fan of steak.  This is why I never tried Myron's in the past.  It's a steak house - so what am I going to eat there?  That is why I was surprised that they have options in their menu that I found appetizing.  I ordered their binagoongan ribs.  They did a great job with this dish.  To think I just had a mean binagoongan two days before ( cooked by our trusted Nanny ).

Apart from the binagoongan - we also tried their buffalo wings and their salad.  The buffalo wings were seasoned well and they are a must try.  The salad with salmon and miso dressing - I will not recommend.  I just didn't like the miso dressing.

I think that after trying Myron's this time - I will definitely try to have another meal in Myron's in the future.  

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